I Wish My Wife Was a Country Singer

from by Joe Hurley & Rogue's March



'I Wish My Wife Was a Country Singer'
Written by JOE HURLEY

(2012 Golden Globe Winner for 'Best Song' !)

From Rogue's March 'Never Fear', prod. by Jimmy Harry.

"Songs like "I Wish My Wife Was a Country Singer" suggest the finest moments of the Mekons"

CMJ 'JACKPOT' ! 'CD of the Month'

"Combines the attitude & drive of the Sex Pistols with the wry lyrical detail of say, a Richard Thompson or Lyle Lovett"


"He's an old seanchai in a rock star's shoes, a poet of microcosm with a steroscopic vision, a balladeer with a whole lot of landscape in his voice. He sings out from the anonymous corners where the best stories are told. .....Hurley is one of the great songwriters of our time."

COLUM McCANN, National Book Award Winner

"A wildly diverse act that manages to sew threads of country, punk and cabaret into an astonishingly cohesive sound...showcasing a star-powered frontman in Joe Hurley"

"Hurley's always been a superior songwriter, a great vessal of lyric poetry, a singer of distinction ; He's one of the greatest singer-songwriters to emerge out of the NY Music Scene in the last 20 years."

JOHN SWENSON (Rolling Stone)

"One of New York's most entertaining frontmen; Joe Hurley is the best singer of vowels in rock since Shane MacGowan, and he's got fire behind those puppy eyes"


More on this tk &'Never Fear' www.roguesmarch.com
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"I wish my wife was a country singer
Fresh coffee kisses and new smokes every day
She'd inspire me to write the great American novel
and I might...
She'd hide my morphine and take the pain away

I wish my wife was a country singer
Grammys to spare, Gold records on the walls
And after a night of vodka, beer and whiskey, oh yeah
She'd pick me up in a Pick-Up Truck with balls

Country Singer, have no fear, I am here for you
Country Singer, dont shed your tears, I'll always be true

I wish my wife was a country singer
These thoughts of death, they would not enter my head
I'd stop reading Camus, yeah, even the stranger too *
Every night I'd say my prayers beside my bed

Last night, about half past eight this morning
I get a phone call as I'm drininking in some bar
Woman says "Hey Joe, you dont know me..
but I'm a country singer."
Then the line went dead,
that drunken dream didn't go too far

But my wife, she aint a country singer
I'm not even married, yeah, it's true
But if my wife was a country singer
Dear Jenny, she'd look just like you."

*Some pressings of 'NEVER FEAR', vs 3 sees Camus gone. The alt verse reads

"I wish my wife was a country singer
These thoughts of death, they would not enter my head
I'd stop shooting my gun, yeah , even at strangers
Every night I'd say my prayers beside my bed"

Hurley has used both lines in Concert.
The original version, w Camus line, is the mp3 here !.


from Never Fear, track released January 1, 2003
Jimmy Harry-electric & acoustic guitars, B-3
Joe Hurley-vocals, acoustic guitar
Bill Gerstel-Drums
Ken Margolis-Accordion
Gary Johannes- Bouzouki, back vox.
Dan Prater-Bass



all rights reserved


Joe Hurley New York, New York

NYC."Best singer in R&R."
- Village Voice
Joe Hurley,
Johnny Depp, Keith Richards win 2 Audie Awards for 'Life'.
AudioBook w Neil Gaiman,CD w/ Colum McCann.
Heralded for the emotional delivery in his raspy baritone, & poetic lyrics.
"Joe Hurley is one of the City's deepest singers, both in his vocal range & in the level of his soulfulness-Mesmerizing"
London-Irish. West Ham man.
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