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R&R Hall Of Fame DJ Meg Griffin's 'Top 10 CDs of The Year' List.

"A wildly diverse act that manages to sew threads of punk, country and cabaret into an astonishingly cohesive sound... showcasing a star-powered front man in Joe Hurley".

"Hurley is cut from the same cloth as Tom Waits and Leonard Bernstein"

"Joe Hurley is the best singer of vowels in rock since Shane MacGowan and he's got fire behind those puppy eyes"

"Unshakeable pop hooks"

"Abundantly blessed with the singular Irish trait of mining beauty from dreams blasted apart by bad luck and booze, singer and chief songwriter Joe Hurley puts his coarse, whisky-stained trench coat of a vocal through a strikingly diverse array of story-songs, and somehow succeeds in keeping each tale distinct and vivid.
Heart-renders like "Not At All" & "The Ghost of Her Husband To Be" are the obvious stand-outs, but there's subtle wit in the roadhouse romps, too. CHASER is an ambitious, and quite excellent, disc."

"Receiving major raves from every paper in the tri-state area, their regular stints at Bowery Ballroom are frequently sold-out affairs. Their albums are colorful, vivid forays into a mixed world of Celtic, punk, country and R&R. But the icing on the cake is always Hurley's voice and lyrics: He puts his heart, soul, and guts into every line he sings "

"Hurley's voice is pure gold . . . Whether it's the Kurt Weill-influenced "Bedsheets of Lili Marlene," the boozy, countrified "The Ghost of Her Husband to Be," or the grubby punk of "On My Way Home," the colorful characters that spring from Hurley's head are what give Rogue's March songs their sparkle."

“Like Tom Waits with his gravel ‘n’ whiskey intonations, Rogue’s March front man Joe Hurley has mastered the saloon style with a baritone that sounds as ready for the next song as for a whiskey and a beer. Picking just one song out of the dozen-plus here as the best is near impossible, but the gentle passion that's illustrated on 'If I Was an Angel" is the album's most striking composition ".


"We concur that the rest of the bill is indeed heroic, particularly esteemed rocker Joe Hurley's Rogue's March, a mostly rollicking but sometimes extremely delicate celtic-rock band"

"You'll hear, soon enough, Hurley's prowess as a songwriter and storyteller: The burnt-out subject of 'This Town", the lost soul in the hushed ballad "If I Was An Angel", the thief sent away in 'Clear' (based on a real-life boyhood friend of Hurley's who wound up on the wrong side of the law)"

"Joe Hurley is one of the greatest singer-songwriters to emerge on the New York scene in the last 20 years"

"Combining the energy of early Social Distortion and the poetic destitution of the Pogues, New York's Rogue's March travels through red-light districts, jail cells, and one-night stands with the street-savvy swagger of men who have seen it all but still feel it most of the time.; while the band is accompanied on occasion by uillean pipes, lap steel, and accordion, the fact rises more from gritty storytelling than inebriated instrumentation.

Lead rogue Joe Hurley has an oddly seductive cigarette-thick snarl ..... No doubt he is the kind of tough mug men depend on in a pinch and women worry about in the early morning hours; and that's exactly what you look for in drinking music-a singer who lets you smash chairs and sob about it later.

Rogue's March latest release, CHASER, does all that and more, offering tangos, waltzes, jigs, and laments, amid a parade of New York-flavored rock that is aggressive, direct, and defiant.

While Hurley clearly has the soul of a streetside confessor, he doesn't waste time on embellishment and pretensions. If he touches you and you bounce off the walls, so much the better".

"CD Of The Week"

"With the robust vocal stylings of front man Joe Hurley, the ebullient Rogue's March is one of New York's most entertaining outfits. Their new album CHASER is a showcase of the group's diverse repertoire - from roots-punk to cabaret to western pop-rock".

"The characters who inhabit London-Irishman Joe Hurley's songs would be just as at home in an Elmore Leonard novel. Hurley and Rogue's March, recently recorded a CD on ARBAON Records called CHASER that flat out demands major label attention.
Rogue's March smacks around punk, country, torch songs, and even a bossa nova with joyful aplomb. Pay special attention to the rough, poetic imagery of "If I was an Angel" and "Madcap Tears."...
But Rogue's March will always be a punk band at heart. They tear through "Gino' Suitcase" and "This Town" with the swagger and verve of The Ramones."


"One listen to CHASER, the second cd from Irish-scene alums Rogue's March, and you'll be struck by the vivid imagery and rough poetic qualities of Joe Hurley's songs.
Rogue's March joyfully mistreats punk, country, bossa nova, Irish-tinged ballads and beery torch songs with equal opportunity-all the while constructing tight sonic settings for the grand misfits who inhabit Hurley's songs.
Indeed, CHASER, sparked by J-F's grungy overdriven guitar that recalls Keith Richards or Johnny Thunders throughout, features a cast of characters that would be equally at home in a Charles Bukowski novel."


"Advance listens to CHASER show it to be worth the wait. Joe Hurley has that voice you know, the six pack/six-pack-a-day one that takes the sentimentality but not the sentiment out of the slow songs while keeping the humor in the rest . . . CHASER is a standout sophomore effort."


"The potent mix of rock & roll, country, punk, and pop with a poetic Irish twist served up by the legendary NYC rock band Rogue's March is a delicious cocktail that I've been sipping on for months... Joe Hurley's voice, as heard on the band's brilliant CHASER, is a beautifully ragged instrument that is caked with whisky, nicotine, tar, and rust"



released January 1, 2000


Joe Hurley-Vocals, Guitar. J-F, Guitars Dobro. Gary Johannes-Guitar, Piano, Mandolin, Back vox. Chris Nappi-Bass. Kevin Mchugh-Drums.
w Joe Mcginty ( Piano Tk 4 & 6), Amy Rigby (duet on tk 13), Dennis Diken(Drums-Tk 9) Erik Dellapenna(Lap Steel Gtr Tk 11 & 13) Chris Byrne (uileean pipes TK 2) Ken Margolis (Accordion Tk 6, 7, 9, 11, 15, 16) Debbie Schwartz (vocals Tk 7) Jenifer Jackson (Vocals Tk 4) Jane Scarpantoni (Cello TK 4 & 7) Leif Arntzen (Trumpet Tk 4 & 10) Marni Rice (Castanets Tk 9) Boris Kinberg (Percussion Tk 16) Dan Prater (Bass Tk 16) Andrew Goodsight (gtr Tk 16)

Prod By James Mastro (except Tk 15 & 16, prod. by Joe Hurley)



all rights reserved


Joe Hurley New York, New York

NYC."Best singer in R&R."
- Village Voice
Joe Hurley,
Johnny Depp, Keith Richards win 2 Audie Awards for 'Life'.
AudioBook w Neil Gaiman,CD w/ Colum McCann.
Heralded for the emotional delivery in his raspy baritone, & poetic lyrics.
"Joe Hurley is one of the City's deepest singers, both in his vocal range & in the level of his soulfulness-Mesmerizing"
London-Irish. West Ham man.
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Track Name: Joe Hurley & Rogue's March - On My Way Home
'On My Way Home' Lyrics/Music by Joe Hurley

On my way home, I think I saw you
Actually, I'm pretty sure, cause you even said hello
In that special voice you reserve for someone
you dont know any more

On my way home, I saw an old lady
lugging her laundry over her shoulder
By her side was a child, skippin' and smilin'
You know she'd never scold her

On My Way Home, On My Way Home

On my way home, I saw a barfight
How you insulted his girl with a neckbite
Now you lost your teeth in a redlight district,
Baby you picked it

On my way home, I spied a dilettante
spouting shitty poetry to a debutante
whose mother took a lover at a famous restaurant
Baby what you want

On My Way Home, On My Way Home

On my way home, I heard a young punk
Spewing the glories of street junk,
But a Burroughs paperback is the closest he'll get to that
Baby you're so slack

On my way home, I ran into an old friend
begging for change and a fag-end
Well, here's a buck for your cup,
You'll get your luck back, you'll be alright Jack

On My Way Home, On my way..

On my way home, I felt a kick
From the mean streets where I live
From the psychos to the whores
Never know just what's in store
Never shall receive

On my way home, I was thinking 'bout closure
How no one ever tells me when it's over
How I have to guess that I'm a mess
And that's why they leave me so quickly

On my way home, I heard a siren,
A baby cryin', a dealer dying,
I found salvation in a stranger's face
And that's a starnge place

On My Way Home, On My Way Home..

I'm on my way home
And I hope you'll be there waiting
Waiting for me with a smile.."
Track Name: Clear
'CLEAR' Lyrics & Music By Joe Hurley

"Jimmy The Jeweller swore off the booze,
but he's not saying why
And Cadillac Frank's parked next to the bank, nervously fixing his tie
And Lazy-eyed Johnny in the back of a van,
wasted without fear
Slips a piece into Jimmy's hands, his mother holds back her tears

And it's clear, here, were, shooting holes
In the sky and the moon and the sun
Hey Jimmy, drop your gun, slowly turn around, put your hands down on the ground, dont make a single sound

Alone in your cell, you know the sounds well,
the footsteps of the screws
But all they bring you are kicks in the face,
and yesterday's news
You dream of the streets, when they called out your name, and you still had jet-black hair
And the pills & the dope, well they give you some hope, but most times you really dont care

And it's clear, here, were, shooting holes
in the sky and the moon and the sun
Hey Jimmy, I'm the one, you drank with until 3, down in Margate By the Sea, with our Spanish Duty Free

And it's clear, here, were, shooting holes
in the sky and the moon and the sun
Hey Jimmy, we were young, hangin from the trees,
always you and me, with our proud and bloody knees

Five years roll by, in a shivering haze,
then a letter from your wife
She's got a new man, two new kids,
a new house, a new life
And even if you and Frankie Boy,
you broke out tonight
Remember the judge's final words,
There's no visitation rights

And it's clear, here, were, shooting holes
in the sky and the moon and the sun
Hey, Jimmy, you're the one who never turns around
You're such a fuckin' clown

And it's clear, here, were, shooting holes
in the sky and the moon and the sun"
Track Name: Gino's Suitcase
'GINO'S SUITCASE' Lyrics-Joe Hurley

"Gino's got a suicase in a basement in Naples
With his red velvet flares and his mohair suit
Some pictures of old flames from 1967
Some acid that he saved and his alligator Boots

Here's a kiss for you, and a kiss for me
Cos a loving touch kills all the misery
Let's freeze-frame our cheeks, throw away the key
Smack 'em on the wall for posterity

Gino is the King, He dont pay for his drinks
Says he got stoned with Brian Jones, and the Kinks
Gino says hey what's the point of going home
When I sleep on a mattress, and I feel so all alone

Here's a kiss for you and a kiss for me
To remind us all of who we used to be
Lets go get some girls for a bit of parlez-vous
Then up the old parlour, for a new tatoo

Here's a kiss for you, and a kiss for me
With cocktail swagger and all the repartee
We'll never get arrested, never cop a plea
Aaargh, here's a kiss for me

Gino says he's coming to New York Town
Who needs a suicase that's been battered around,
He's always dreamed of living here, and now he thinks he's ready
He want to sleep outside the old Max's Kansas City

Here's a kiss for you, and a kiss for me
A toast to the old suitcase, and all its memories
We'll dance at the Apollo, run through Times Square
Then cab it downtown and rip it from there

Here's a Fifth for you and a Fifth for me
Welcome to America, The damned and the free,
Wave goodbye to European Suitcase blues
Lets go to 14th street, dig new shoes

Oh, were Kickin', yeah were laughin'
Hey Gino, Arrivederci Baby"
Track Name: Joe Hurley & Rogue's March - Not At All
Not At All (Hurley)

She pats the bedsheets, opens the windows wide
Her eyes, so simple in the sun, a child's lullaby
She takes me by the hand outdoors, to a sweet cafe
Why I dont love what she adores, I cant really say

She kept her head held high,
when I thought she would fall
She cant imagine dying, not at all

When I first kissed her, we moved under the moon
Her eyes, she said were living a Gershwin tune
where the lovers never lie
Well spend our Sundays in bed, with smokes and old t.v.
But baby, inside I feel dead, dont waste your time with me

You want to see me burn
Get up with the sun
You want to help me learn, but I'm not the one

She draws the curtains, shivers in bed alone
She doesn't want to feel
She says yesterday's kisses were so nice
But yesterday aint real
So take your doubts and your dark clothes
Say goodbye and go
On a cold December morning, I'm praying for snow

I never felt this high
How can I watch you fall
I'll just make you cry

I'm too tired to play
Mixing promises with wine
I wish that I could stay
But not this time

Words & Music-Joe Hurley
Copyright Joe Hurley Music Ascap.
Track Name: Joe Hurley - If I Was An Angel
"IF I WAS AN ANGEL" Lyrics by Joe Hurley

"If I was an angel, I'd hold you real tight
Keep you in my arms, bathe you in light
With a long winter coat you'd sleep in at night
And Sweet Easy Dreams

I'd show you the things that made you once care
A match in a schoolyard, a night on the tear
The Trembling kiss of your first love affair
If I was an angel

Angel, what was your name
How can I recall, the days before the fall
I'm lost and I'm alone
This living's got me thrown
Help me get home, do this for me

If I was an angel, I'd save you like Moses
From drifting down rivers of pawnshops and poses
You'd carry the weight of a hundred dead roses
And still carry on

If I was an angel, your love she'd be true
With a heart like a lion, and only for you
Get you crying with laughter on the days when you're blue
If I was an angel

Angel, watch over me, dont ever set me free,
dont ever let me go
I'm lost and I'm alone, this living's got me thrown,
Help me get home, do this for me, do this for me

Angel, what was your name
How can I recall, the days before the fall
I'm lost and I'm alone
This living's got me thrown
Help me get home, Do this for me,
Do this for me...Do this for me"
Track Name: Joe Hurley & Rogue's March - This Town
This Town. Lyrics - Joe Hurley

As I lay there dreaming of the, days we lay there, dreaming in our bed
The kitchen bare and empty, but the Broadway stage, we were gonna paint it red
And outside, the station, where Kojak saved this crazy town
We took one big step forward, then turned around, turned around

This town will burn you out, this town will spin you around
This town has no way out, this town will take you down

Then the night crept up quickly, the director laughed, said you got something to sell
He fed you lines, and i found out, we fell into a private hell

This town has burned you out, like dead neon on a wire
You'll crack and fade away, just one more body in the fire

I want to feel your face again
I want to forget the other men
I want to trust you one more time
I want to swim in holy wine

And now the city sleeps, it's skyline doesn't, move me anymore
I heard that you found Jesus, in Hell's kitchen, passed out on the floor
What happenned to my vow, that I would never cling onto the past
Maybe I'll just shut the windows, and turn on the gas

This town has burned me out, this town has spun me around
This town has cut my throat , and left me rivers to drown in
Track Name: The Bedsheets Of Lili Marlene

"You say that you're leaving me now
Well I promise you this
You wont forget my dark side
The Thistle lingers in the kiss

Yeah the party in Paris fell through
As we crashed on the Champs-Elysees
But I'll never hide my tattoo
Love's to honour and obey

Now the cafes have all seen your face
from Rome to Berlin
But nothing wil ever prepare you
for the Bedsheets of Lili Marlene

well, The Bible on the table was lonely
Years of neglect and old dust
It was Judas who first said If only
I could just learn how to trust

You loved all those tales in the Scriptures
But you never took them to heart
Your face wasn't clear in the pictures
At the motel where we chose to part

Now the cafes have all seen your face
From Rome to Berlin
But nothing will ever prepare you
For the Bedsheets of Lili Marlene

I'll get the fire roaring
We'll have a drink and a chat
Dying alone Christmas morning
There's nothing romantic 'bout that

Now The Cafes have all seen your face
From Rome to Berlin
But nothing will ever prepare you
For the Bedsheets of Lili Marlene

No no, nothing will ever prepare you
For the Bedsheets of Lili Marlene. "
Track Name: Joe Hurley & Rogue's March - Madcap Tears
'MADCAP TEARS' Lyrics-Joe Hurley

"In the backdrop of your living,
there's a girl who's always giving,
She'd sell her house to make you well
What the hell, he answered brightly
Dont take matters of the heart too lightly
If you dont mind, I'll never tell

Now the fight is on for Leo
He sets his sights on Rio
He likes a spacious sleeper car
He's dreaming of open beaches
Banana trees where the girls are peaches
He never thought he'd get this far

Wiped out at the OTB
C'mon son, the drinks are on me
We'll paint the city streets tonight
I'll kill him fast, I'll kill her so slow
In a tenement mill a go-go
Hey, soldier boy you wanna fight

Now the move is on for Leo
Will he ever get to Rio,
He doesn't need to hear her cry
He's dreaming of open places
Where no one know his face
Is this the way you wanna die

Stumblin' in, he's confessin'
He's under pressure, She's under-dressing,
Tap City kid, what you wanna hear
She trips around so lightly
He prays to God almighty,
And wipes away his madcap tears

Now the dream is dead for Leo
He never got to Rio
He pawned his ticket half-way there,
She trips around so lightly
No room for God almighty,
No time for tears

Now the dream is dead for Leo,
He never got to Rio
He pawned his ticket half-way there
She's hanging in old Nebraska
You'd really have to ask her
She got no time for Madcap Tears ."