"JOYRIDING" (Hurley) Produced By JIMMY HARRY (2012 Golden Globe Winner for 'Best Song')
"Joe Hurley is one of the city's deepest singers, both in his vocal range and in the level of his soulfulness.....mesmerizing"


"Hurley's always been a superior songwriter, a great vessal of lyric poetry, a singer of distinction ; He's one of the greatest singer-songwriters to emerge out of the NY Music Scene in the last 20 years."

JOHN SWENSON (Rolling Stone)

"Musically tight & hugely entertaining, Rogue's March play an inspired hybrid of C&W, Irish Trad, and R & R.
'NEVER FEAR' showcases songs such as "JOYRIDING", which is as poignant and reckless as anything this side of the Stones' "Gimme Shelter", and "I'm In Love (But Not With You)" which recalls the turn on a dime riffs of Jam-era punk. "Amsterdam Mistress" is one of the most evocative ballads ever penned"


"He's an old seanchai in a rock star's shoes, a poet of microcosm with a steroscopic vision, a balladeer with a whole lot of landscape in his voice. He sings out from the anonymous corners where the best stories are told. Joe Hurley is one of the great songwriters of our time."

COLUM McCANN National Book Award Winner
'Let The Great World Spin'

"Rogue's March are a fantastic band who have managed to capture the same excitement they create during a show in a tight, raw, studio recording, NEVER FEAR. This 14 song collection is an exuberant package featuring a heap of memorable music."

NEW YORK POST 'CD Of the Week'

"Joe Hurley is one of N.Y.'s most entertaining frontmen. His distinctive vocals can be raucous as all get-out, and as sorrowful as a baritone can be..The best singer of vowels in rock since Shane MacGowan, and he's got fire behind those puppy eyes"


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"JOYRIDING" (Hurley)

"Sally takes her pill
Crawls in the back seat with another strange man
She looks pretty ill, but she's okay
A tired love flows down her face,
oh so gently
In a cold white basin,
with a towel, that's all grime & greasy

Another John Henry and the money's alright
He gave her a cigarette, she gave him a light
But now her mouth is wired up tight
She went joyriding last night

Tony shuts his eyes and drives,
his love lays on the road up ahead
This is much more fun than school
He's taken the road less travelled
and a stranger's car, it's going ninety
The power of speed makes him feel so cool

Another Hail Mary as he kills all the lights
Stealing a car is like flying a kite
But now his body is wrapped up tight
He went down joyriding, joyriding last night

Heaven's lights are near, what are you doing here,
Feel the brightness warm & clear,taste it now my dear

Father said 'Son, it's a family matter, keep it that way
Wash those bloodstains off your clothes"
The keys to his car, keys to her heart
lay in a ditch by the side of the road
She's not coming home tonight

Another John Henry and the money's alright
She gave him a bag, he gave her a fight
and now her body is wrapped up tight
She went joy, joyriding...joyriding last night

I Must be home by ten,Can I call on you again,
I'm not like other men
she goes up, down, all around, up, down, all around
She had a long white robe and I'd put my arms here
and snuggle up just so, her touches soft and slow
she touches and she goes
she goes joy, she goes joy, she goes joyriding "


from Never Fear, track released January 1, 2003
Produced by JIMMY HARRY.
From Rogue's March 'NEVER FEAR' prod. by Jimmy Harry

Joe Hurley-vocals, acoustic guitar
Jimmy Harry-Guitars, B-3
Bill Gerstel-Drums
Ken Margolis-Accordion
Gary Johannes- Bouzouki
Dan Prater-Bass



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Joe Hurley New York, New York

NYC."Best singer in R&R."
- Village Voice
Joe Hurley,
Johnny Depp, Keith Richards win 2 Audie Awards for 'Life'.
AudioBook w Neil Gaiman,CD w/ Colum McCann.
Heralded for the emotional delivery in his raspy baritone, & poetic lyrics.
"Joe Hurley is one of the City's deepest singers, both in his vocal range & in the level of his soulfulness-Mesmerizing"
London-Irish. West Ham man.
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